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Sunday Service: 10am

Prayer: 9am

114 Bright Road, Guntersville


It can be a bit intimidating to walk into an unknown building filled with unknown people for an unknown worship experience.  It is helpful to have some idea of where to go and what to expect.  


We are currently meeting in a multipurpose building. You will see a large sign with the church name above the front door, and this is where you enter. Upon entering the building, you will be greeted by one of our members.  We love having guests with us, so expect a smile and a handshake.  If this is your first visit, you will be given some information that we like to share with guests about the Gospel and our church.  

Grab a seat, and make yourself at home. Don't be surprised if someone says hello and begins talking with you. Dress comfortably and know that we care much more about YOU than what you are wearing.


Around 10am, we will call our Worship to order. Generally, we will sing, pray, read Scripture, hear Scripture preached, and then close in prayer and singing. Everyone meets in the same area for worship. Services typically last about 1.5 hours. While we do not currently have a formal nursery, we have a separate room where parents can take children, if needed, at any point during the service. 


We enjoy staying for fellowship and discussion after every service. You won't find us rushing out the door to get somewhere else. We enjoy being with the people of God on the Lord's Day. On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of each month, we gather after Worship for a fellowship meal. We never expect guests to bring food, but we welcome you to stay and enjoy it with us. 

Also, if you share your contact information, one of our men or women will reach out to you during the week via email or phone to thank you for coming and see if you have any questions about the church or the Gospel. We will explain all current events and activities in the church where you may be able to get to know others outside of the Sunday gathering.

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