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"Satan's greatest success is in making people think they have plenty of time before they die to consider their eternal welfare." - John Owen

God-Centered Outreach

Man-centered evangelism turns God into our "answer man" rather than recognizing Him as our Creator, Judge, and Savior. God-centered evangelism, on the other hand, focuses on the greatness of God as our sovereign Creator. He is the righteous Judge who opposes our sins, the merciful Savior who rescues us from from our sins, and the wise King, who commands our lives in this world. True evangelism calls people to repent of their sinful ways, to believe in Jesus Christ as the only way to escape from the wrath to come, and to obey God's commandments in every part of our lives. God-centered evangelism seeks to win Christians who love Christ and keep His commandments for His glory.

We believe that one fruit and goal of healthy church life is a godly life that proclaims Christ in word and deed in our community and among every tribe and nation. We believe that God calls churches to herald the gracious gospel of Jesus Christ far and wide, to engage in evangelism, to send and support missionaries, to help establish churches, to help train pastors, and to be a means God uses to advance His kingdom on earth for the manifestation of His great glory.


We aim to come alongside and support those in our community who are reaching people with the Gospel and meeting practical needs. Currently, we provide support to Real Life Pregnancy Center helping women with unplanned pregnancies in Marshall County. 

Likewise, our leadership maintains close fellowship with sister churches in the County. 


We are convictionally, personally, and financially committed to missions.


Both at home and around the world, we desire to reach people with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that to be faithful to Christ we must be a missionary church.

We provide missions support directly and indirectly through HeartCry Missionary Society and G3 Network and to David and Holly Porch, who are missionaries to Senegal, Africa.


"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes..." - Romans 1:16

God calls all of us to take part in the teaching ministry of the church, though not all of us have the same role. Some will be ordained teachers. Others will help their children memorize Scripture. Still others may support the work of ministries that help train indigenous pastors around the world. There are a variety of ways we advance the proclamation of the gospel. 



The church is central to God’s mission to proclaim the story of Jesus to every man, woman, and child. As we look to the New Testament, we see that intentional church planting, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, was a key method used by early churches to obey Jesus’ command. 

We desire to be intentional to raise up and send out those with a heart for church planting.

Currently, we provide support to church planters in Arab, Alabama and Plymouth, Illinois.  

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